FanCon Terms & Conditions.


1. Liability. FanCon organisers will not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred by attendees, guests, professionals,

exhibitors, vendors, staff or service personnel should the event in its entirety, or parts thereof, be cancelled.

2. Risk. All participants, including attendees, guests, professionals, exhibitors, vendors, staff or service personnel, attend the

convention at their own risk. FanCon will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, stolen property, or injuries sustained

while attending the convention.

3. Refunds. The cost of tickets purchased online or pre-booked will be refunded by the organisers should the event be cancelled

in its entirety.

4. Guests. Confirmed guests of the convention may cancel their appearance/attendance at any time due to personal or

professional reasons. The organisers will not be held liable for the cancellation of any guests or other invited participants. The

guest profile will be correct at time of publication and any guest cancellation will be updated on this website asap.

5. Weapons. Real weapons and firearms are strictly prohibited. Any weapons that are deemed too realistic may be subject to

inspection by security personnel. Fake weapons as part of a cosplay may not directly be pointed at anyone will also need to abide the cosplay weapons policy. (see the cosplay tab on this site)

6. Convention badges. All exhibitors, vendors, guests, professionals, convention staff and accredited media must at all times

wear their respective convention badges.

7. Attendee bands. All attendees, those who have purchased tickets, participants who were issued with convention badges, and

children who do not pay for tickets, will be issued with an attendee wrist band to allow access inside and outside the

venue. Wrist bands must be worn at all times.

8.Lost and Found. Lost items may be brought to the organisers office, always check at the organisers office for any items that

you have lost.

9. Pets. No pets or animals allowed, excluding service animals.

10. Liquor. Alcoholic beverages and any illegal substances are prohibited.

11. Consent to photography. Any photographs or video footage of attendees taken by FanCon staff or its affiliates may be used

or published for marketing and promotional purposes.

12. Offensive behaviour. Harassment, solicitation, unruly or otherwise offensive behaviour is prohibited. Persons engaging in

such behaviour, and who after due warning persists in such behaviour, may be ejected without recompense from the venue and

the entire show by security personnel.

13. Cosplay policy. FanCon endorses a "cosplay does not equal consent" policy. The venue is deemed a safe environment for

cosplayers and any harassment or unwanted solicitation towards cosplayers will not be tolerated. Any cosplayer who is

subjected to such behaviour from any attendee must immediately report such behaviour to FanCon staff or security personnel

where appropriate action will be taken.

14. Photography. Please respect the rights of any attendee, cosplayer, or exhibitor (and their stand) who expressly do not wish

to be photographed.

15. Vendor merchandise. Vendors and exhibitors may not sell or promote any illegal, unauthorised, unlicensed, bootleg, or

knockoff products and merchandise. This includes the prohibition of selling “grey” products. Any vendor found to sell such

product will risk the confiscation of their product without recompense, and may be ejected from the convention by authorised


16. Unauthorised advertising. No party or individual may advertise/market/promote any product or business without

authorisation to do so from the organisers. This includes the dissemination of flyers, posters or any similar materials. Anyone

found to do so will be instructed by the organisers to desist immediately, and may be ejected from the convention by security


17.Cosplay Policy and Rules. Please refer to the Cosplay tab on the website for full cosplay competition details and rules.

18.The organisers reserve the right to amend, update, or modify these rules and policies as required.