Planning for the next FanCon has unfortunately been suspended due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. Currently no large events are allowed to take place. Organising an event like FanCon takes at least 8-10 months, meaning we can only start the process once the pandemic is under control and events of this nature is allowed. We look forward to bringing you the best event yet, either late 2021 or 2022!

Lets stay safe and follow all health protocols so that we can have these wonderful events again.

Team FanCon



It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of FanCon 2020. While we had suspended planning since mid March due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we had still hoped to pull off the event on its original dates of 4-5 July, or alternatively postpone it to later in the year. It is now obvious that this pandemic and its devastating effects, both in SA and the rest of the world, will not be cleared up over the next few months. As such, we have come to the difficult decision to cancel the event for 2020, and rather look ahead to planning an awesome FanCon 2021. New dates will only be announced when all indications are that the Coronavirus situation is behind us. We will miss everyone that makes the event so special this year, but we look forward to the return of an amazing FanCon in 2021 !

All invited guests, those announced and those that were not announced yet, are keen to attend FanCon 2021, and their invites for this year’s show has been extended for 2021, subject to their availability on the new dates of course.

All artists and geek merchants and businesses are all heavily affected by the closure of their businesses and the cancellation of geek events. We ask that you please support all artists, traders and vendors as best you can, by purchasing from whatever online business platforms they have available online..

We wish everyone the best and stay safe.


Team FanCon